Sourav Das

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at UIUC, working with Prof. Ling Ren on Applied Cryptography and Consensus Algorithms (Blockchain).

I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Delhi, where I was advised by Prof. Vinay Ribeiro. After finishing my bachelors, I also had the fortune to visit National University of Singapore and IIT Bombay as a Research Assistant.

I am highly honored to receive the 2022 ChainLink Labs Ph.D. fellowship. I am also a finalist of the 2022 Meta (Facebook) Ph.D. fellowship.

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Research Interests

I'm broadly interested in Cryptography, Consensus Algorithms and Security. I have also worked on Scalability of Smart Contracts for permissionless blockchains.

Selected Publications
* denotes alphabetical ordering


Distributed Randomness using Weighted VRFs
*Sourav Das, Benny Pinkas, Alin Tomescu, and Zhuolun Xiang. In submission.
✔ Used in production by Aptos Labs!

Adaptively Secure BLS Threshold Signatures from DDH and co-CDH
Sourav Das and Ling Ren. In submission.

Verifiable Secret Sharing Simplified
Sourav Das, Zhuolun Xiang, Alin Tomescu, Alexander Spiegelman, Benny Pinkas, and Ling Ren. In submission.

Asynchronous Consensus without Trusted Setup or Public-Key Cryptography
*Sourav Das, Sisi Duan, Shengqi Liu, Atsuki Momose, Ling Ren, and Victor Shoup. ACM CCS 2024.

Powers of Tau in Asynchrony
Sourav Das, Zhuolun Xiang, and Ling Ren. NDSS, 2024


On the Security of KZG Commitment for VSS
Atsuki Momose, Sourav Das, and Ling Ren. ACM CCS, 2023.

Threshold Signatures from Inner Product Argument: Succinct, Weighted, and Multi-threshold
Sourav Das, Philippe Camacho, Zhuolun Xiang, Javier Nieto, Benedikt Bunz, and Ling Ren. ACM CCS, 2023, SBC, 2023.

Practical Asynchronous High-threshold Distributed Key Generation and Distributed Polynomial Sampling
Sourav Das, Zhuolun Xiang, Lefteris Kokoris-Kogias and Ling Ren. USENIX Security, 2023, Consensus Day 2023.


Secret-Shared Joins with Multiplicity from Aggregation Trees
*Saikrishna Badrinarayanan, Sourav Das, Gayathri Garimella, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Peter Rindal. ACM CCS, 2022

Balanced Byzantine Reliable Broadcast with Near-Optimal Communication and Improved Computation
*Nicolas Alhaddad, Sourav Das, Sisi Duan, Ling Ren, Mayank Varia,Zhuolun Xiang, and Haibin Zhang. ACM PODC, 2022
Merge of DRX22, ADVZ22, and DZ22.

Brief Announcement: Asynchronous Verifiable Information Dispersal with Near-Optimal Communication
*Nicolas Alhaddad, Sourav Das, Sisi Duan, Ling Ren, Mayank Varia,Zhuolun Xiang, and Haibin Zhang. ACM PODC, 2022
Merge of DRX22, ADVZ22, and DZ22.

Practical Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation
Sourav Das, Thomas Yurek, Zhuolun Xiang, Andrew Miller, Lefteris Kokoris-Kogias, Ling Ren. IEEE S&P and SBC 2022
✔ Used in production by Arcana Network!

SPURT: Scalable Distributed Randomness Beacon with Transparent Setup
Sourav Das, Vinith Krishnan, Irene Miriam Isaac, and Ling Ren. IEEE S&P, 2022

Tuxedo: Maximizing Smart Contract computation in PoW Blockchains
Sourav Das, Nitin Awathare, Ling Ren, Vinay Ribeiro, and Umesh Bellur. ACM SIGMETRICS, 2022


Asynchronous Data Dissemination and its Applications (short talk, eprint)
Sourav Das, Zhuolun Xiang, and Ling Ren. ACM CCS, 2021.
🏆 Best paper runners-up!

RENOIR: Accelerating Blockchain Validation using State Caching (talk)
Nitin Awathare, Sourav Das, Vinay Ribeiro, and Umesh Bellur. ICPE, 2021


YODA: Enabling computationally intensive contracts on blockchains with Byzantine and Selfish nodes (talk)
Sourav Das, Vinay Ribeiro, and Abhijeet Anand. NDSS, 2019
🏆 Suresh Chandra Memorial award for best IIT Delhi CSE Undergraduate thesis, 2018!

Technical reports
Efficient Cross-Shard Transaction Execution in Sharded Blockchains (talk)
Sourav Das, Vinith Krishnan, and Ling Ren. arXiv preprint, 2020

A list of problems that I have thought about and potentially have a solution to. April 2022.

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